Monday, 13 June 2011

Talulah Blue Burlesque Couture

Talulah Blue - Rose Holster

Talulah Blue - Tassel Belt

Talulah Blue - Tassel Belt

In this weeks shoot I worked with HJK imagery, the images show case the new Hostlers and tassels belt by Talulah Blue, which having a little fun in the setting, and with poses. The Holster is made from lace, little trinkets, gems and pearls, to get your own holster made to match your outfit email Tassel belts available in the shop

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Talulah Blue by Gemma Harling

Talulah Blue Burlesque
photography by Paul Needham

As seen on Britain’s Got Talent, the rising burlesque sensation Talulah Blue, from Leicester, proves to Amanda Holden and the whole of the United Kingdom that she is much more than just a ‘nice bum’.
Exposed to dancing from a young age Talulah Blue fell into the organisation of various Burlesque shows, showcasing talents such as Anna Fur Laxis. Although the shows were successful, Talulah’s observation of Burlesque performers quickly grew into the ‘want’ to perform herself; however nerves kept this inevitable star from putting her stiletto mark on the world of Burlesque for a further three years. As soon as she hit the stage in late 2010 Talulah’s passion flared, her dances radiated elegance and poise making her an instant success.

As a designer, the costuming portion of Burlesque is Talulah’s first priority, the art form presents an opportunity for
performers to express their creative abilities, an aspect Talulah finds crucial to being a successful performer, she said: “
Looking the part hides a lot of other flaws when dancing”.

Miss Blue recently appeared on the hit UK show Britain’s Got Talent, where she performed her now legendary white fan dance in front of the judges and the nation, American judge and former Baywatch star, David Hasselhoff, said: “This is why I left America. You certainly have talent! I found that very charming, very sexy and very entertaining”. The graceful fan dance reflected the classic side of burlesque proving the art is more than just ‘glorified stripping’.

As well as a reputable dancer, Talulah is also an established business woman, creating and selling various hand crafted burlesque themed items and accessories, such as pasties and feather fans, executed with delicate detailing. Items are sold on her own website ( that she herself regularly updates with new items and performance details.

Talulah Blue will be performing at the Dragstalgia event at Santa Pod Raceway in Wellingborough taking place on July 16th-July 17th. The event, in association with Milkcow Magazine, will feature drag racing, classic cars, live music and Burlesque. Talulah will be performing on the Saturday evening along with other performers such as Aurora Toxique and Emmanuelle Claire.

For more information and tickets for Dragstalgia visit the event’s page on the Santa Pod Raceway website

There is no sign of Miss Blue slowing down until she has conquered the burlesque scene. This British star will soon charm the world round to the intoxicating effects of the art, creating a storm wherever she goes.
To book Talulah Blue as a performer visit her website at
 or visit her Facebook page.

Words By Gemma Harling

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Aurora in Vintage Fur from

Aurora in Vintage Fur from

Aurora in Vintage Fur from

Aurora & Talulah Blue in Vintage Fur from

Aurora & Talulah Blue in Vintage Fur from

Aurora & Talulah Blue in Vintage Fur from

Aurora & Talulah Blue in Vintage Fur from

May's photo shoot with Paul Needham was based on Betty page, we set up some funny staged bondage scene's, and I also managed to slip in some of my new vintage fur that's now in my online shot.
Modelling is myself, Talulah Blue, and one of my favourite newbies Aurora Toxique. Whom I have been determined to get a few shows and shoots for, as I knew she would be great in them.

I couldn't resist ageing the edges of the photos, and I 'm hoping to turn a few of these into a postcard set soon to put in the shop, and sell at burlesque shows.

Vintage fur can be bought at

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Talulah Blue white feather fans
Talulah Blue pink feather fans
Talulah Blue powder purple feather fans

These pictures are from a shoot I did will Paul Needham, in a disused space at the top of a building, paint peeling off walls, random furniture, dead pigeons and all.... Pictures Talulah Blue with medium feather feather fans in white, baby pink and vintage powder purple. I make all of the fans myself using ostrich feathers and bamboo staves, more images can be seen at, to enquire about having some fans of your own just email

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Talulah gone bad

Talulah Blue by Paul Needham
Talulah Blue by Paul Needham
Talulah Blue by Paul Needham
Talulah Blue by Paul Needham

After a hard day at the office Talulah likes nothing better than to get smashed on Havana Club and fags! Photography and styling by Paul Needham.

Step by step strip tease!

Talulah Blue - Act: Madame Talulah
Talulah Blue
Talulah Blue - Act: Vintage purple fan dance
Talulah Blue - Act: White fan dance
Talulah Blue - Act: Down in Mexico

After a couple of mamouth photo shoots with Paul Needham we have put together a film strip of my acts as they run through on stage. Of course the moment all of my acts are photographed, I now have ideas for new acts! Acts in order - Madame Talulah, The diamond girl (retired), Powder Purple fan dance, White feather fan dance, Down in Mexico.

Hazy days

Talulah Blue by Grace Elkin

Talulah Blue by Grace Elkin

Talulah Blue by Grace Elkin

After an amazing lunch in the sun with Grace Elkin, photographer, we decided to do a last minute shoot the following day in the countryside, to make the most of the weather.
With Alice in the car acting as our tour guide of her local area, we came across three amazing settings for the shoot in the Leicestershire countryside.
Instead of my normal burlesque style, we went for something floaty and romantic.