Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A Taste of Talulah Blue - Burlesque Underwear and Events

Talulah Blue has been running 2 years now, and the whole idea was sparked just from a pair of nipple tassels!! (not mine, a girl on stage and my cousin instilling the idea in my head that they would be easy to make) before you know it there's feathers and glitter everywhere, my mum is in on the act making hats and garters, I'm being asked to put on shows and set up photo shoots ... so of course, like any mad man, I say yes to all of these projects, never having done any of it before!

Luckily I'm blood
y clever, everything has gone great and I have had SO much fun getting involved with everything, and met some really cool people!! 'Do something that scares you everyday' can't remember who said that, but it's a life changing moto to try!

Venue: The Musician, Clyde Street, Leicester, England - 3 shows a year, we have such a great crowd of people come along, the atmosphere is really good, and everyone shouts and whoops for the dancers.
Bands: The Boners, Rockabilly Band.The Gadjos, Gyspy Jazz, have played at every show, and ease us all in nicely to an eventful night!
Dancers: Sentosa Sparkle, Emerald Ace, Lola Pops, Anna Fur Laxis - We always have a bit of comedy Burlesque, it goes down really well, and even better when you have had a couple of drinks!

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Anonymous said...

These Burlesque events sound fantastic! It would be nice if you could arrange that in London some time, there's a very prominent here. You'd love it!